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TPF Casting Calls

We have just held our first casting call for The Protean Field. Several roles were cast, but there are many more that still need to be. The roles that have been filled have the actor's headshot beside them. The remaining roles will continue to be posted here until they are filled.

Stay tuned for future casting calls to take place here at Kingdom Power Studios.

All other casting will be done by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please contact us at, include all available information/head-shots, contact information and available times to audition. You will then be contacted by email to arrange/confirm your appointment.

In the meantime, if you'd like to see what is available and start preparing ahead of time, check out the listing below.


Profile and Sides

Beth Madison - early 30's - supporting

Thin, spunky and attractive, Beth is Kyle Madison's wife, best friend and biggest supporter. She has a mature but bubbly personality - the type who can hold a conversation with anyone and has never met a stranger.

Bridget Coughlin

Carl Davidson - 40's - antagonist

Carl is a CIA man. He's the type of person you don't trust even when you just meet him. Carl is the primary antagonist in the story, working behind the scenes with Senator Briggs and others in a plot to overturn some of the current administrations policies - in particular that of gun control.

Michael Showers
Political Commentators - 40's - other

Commentator #1 - Democrat - Alan Colmes type

Commentator #2 - Republican - Sean Hannity type

Vic Case and Bill Cross
Dr. Malcolm Daystrom - 50's - mentor

Dr. Daystrom is a tall distinguished looking black man with a deep voice. He is a brilliant man, a mentor and collaborator to Dr. Kyle Madison. He is a distant ancestor to Dr. Richard Daystrom - a character depicted in Star Trek (OS), Season 2, Episode: The Ultimate Computer. Both he and his distant relative are obsessed with creating technology for the benefit and betterment of mankind.

William Earl Ray
Gavin Sinclair - 14 - supporting

Gavin is your typical teenager living in the "buckle of the Bible Belt." He lives in a Christian home, and although generally a good kid, like most his age he still has a bit of a rebellious streak in him. Gavin also suffers from epilepsy. His medication keeps it in check for the most part. This gives him the illusion of being able to do the same thing his friends do - like play high-tech video games. This ultimately causes a big problem for him.

Blake - 14 - supporting

Blake is one of Gavin's friends and the one who owns the VL-X game unit.

Michael - 14 - supporting

Michael is another one of Gavin's friends who plays the game with him.

Matt Hymer

Michael Pandolfo
and Sinjin Venegas

Howie - 50's - supporting

Howie is the county coroner and long time friend of Tom Sinclair.


Audition Side

Janet Marshall - 40 - supporting

(Note: This character is still being developed)

Janet is a strong, beautiful, woman. She turns heads wherever she goes. This has the effect of disarming those she interacts with... a trait that comes in handy as an undercover agent working for the F.B.I.. Working mostly behind the scenes for most of the story, she ultimately helps to shut down Virtual Ludus, Inc. in the end.

April Smith

Jim Buchanan- 40-50 - supporting

Jim is a no nonsense kind of guy. He is the head of the F.B.I. unit that helps take down Virtual Ludus and is the boss of Janet Marshall.

Audition Side

Lt. Col. Jay Pelletier - 40 - supporting

Jay is Kyle Madison's best friend and probably the only person he trusts completely - especially since the death of his wife. Jay is to Kyle what Rhodey (Terrence Howard) is to Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr) in the movie Iron Man. They have a long history together. Although Kyle has left the military, Jay is still in serving as an Airborne Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army. He is a professional soldier, but he is also a bit of a Playboy. He goes with the flow, but can be counted on in any circumstance. He is very patriotic and loyal to friends and family... the kind of guy you want on your side.

Marty Ezelle
Kate Madison - 60's - catalyst

Kate is Kyle's mother. She loves her son very much, but he has been distant toward her since the death of his wife. She has a very sensitive spirit and operates as a intercessor. She spends much of her time as a volunteer praying for people at a local Dallas hospital. Filled with the Holy Spirit, her intercessory prayers (tongues) literally touch the throne of God and bring heaven down to earth.

Juli Erickson
Kyle Madison - 40's - lead

Kyle is a confident (type-A), brilliant man. Mentored by Dr. Malcolm Daystrom, he developed a revolutionary device called the V.M.R. - a system that creates a "Virtual Mind Reality," which enables a user to experience whatever the device is programmed to display. He used to be in the Army serving with his long time friend, Jay Pelletier. However, he got out of the military to pursue his business aspirations with his partner Paul Murdock. He is/was happily married to his wife Beth.

Rob Skiba II
Matt - early 30's - supporting

Matt is your typical, cynical, late Generation X type. He believes 9/11 was an inside job and is convinced the Illuminati is out to establish the New World Order - an order that calls for depopulating the world down to 500 million as per the Georgia Guidestones. He took the job as an investigator for Sinclair Investigation Services mainly to have access to do more research into the many things he already believes in. He is heavily influenced by the likes of Newton.


Character Profile

Audition Side

Trish - 30's - supporting

Trish is a hard worker, loyal and professional. She works for Thomas Sinclair as a crime scene investigator. She knows her job and she does it well. In many ways, she is Tom's right hand at Sinclair Investigation Services. She is to Matt what Skully is to Molder on the X-Files.


Character Profile

Audition Side

Thomas (Tom) Sinclair - 40's - lead

Tom is a no-nonsense kind of guy. A big man with a long history in law enforcement. He left the police force when his son Gavin was born and went into private investigation. He now runs Sinclair Investigation Services. He is married to Susan. Although he is a Christian, His faith in God has lapsed having prayed for Gavin's epilepsy to go away for ten years with no results.

Dallas Morris
Newton - late 40's / early 50's - catalyst

Newton is quite the eccentric character. A Hawaiian shirt wearing conspiracy freak. If it's strange, out there, anti-government... he's into it. Although his appearance makes him hard to take serious, he is very knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. He's sort of like "Fox Molder" after 20 years of no one listening to him. He believes he knows the "truth" but few will listen to him. He's the fool - but the only one who really knows what's going on.

Doug Goodrich
Pastor 40's - other

The pastor in this story is a passionate black pastor in the DFW Metroplex area - think Tony Evans.

Marcus Mauldin
Paul Murdock - 40's - supporting

Paul is Kyle's business partner and friend at Polybius Systems, Inc.. In Kyle's absence, Paul created a new division for the company, called Virtual Ludus, Inc.. He made a deal with unknown entities to modify Kyle's design into a powerful video game that ultimately gets used by the CIA to brainwash kids all over the country.

Chad Cox

Susan Sinclair - mid 40's - supporting

Susan is Tom's wife, a homemaker and the mother of Gavin. She wishes Tom would take more of the role of spiritual leader at home. Since he doesn't, she picks up the slack and maintains a steadfast faith in God - a faith that ultimately saves her son and draws Tom closer to Him as a result.

Deborah Jones
Additional bit and supporting roles will be posted soon.

We will also be needing extras [teens] for several scenes as well. Stay tuned!

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